Nuvem is a leading integrated pharmacy solutions partner that optimizes accessibility and adherence to medication improving clinical care for non-profit healthcare organizations.

How We Do It

Through a complete technology suite, integrated service delivery, and elevated 340B expertise, Nuvem yields enhanced drug inclusion, increased financial performance, and improved patient care.

Synergy Through Collaboration

Nuvem’s story begins in 2014 and grew quickly into three separate brands: 340Basics, Assent, and Apovia. Together in improving accessibility and adherence to clinical care, but seemingly independent in operation. As the brands grew and expanded, the value of joining forces became clear.


In 2023, Nuvem merged their expertise and resources, bringing one comprehensive solution, streamlined experience, and equitable partnership to medically underserved, non-profit healthcare organizations.


Combining all of our solutions and services represents our commitment to facilitating 340B programs—from compliance and optimization to patient engagement and education—through a fully integrated suite of cloud-based pharmacy solutions.

Get to Know Our Leaders

Behind our organization is a dynamic leadership team that fuels growth and innovation. By harnessing the expertise and resources of these individuals, we unleash your organization’s potential for success and growth.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Nuvem is changing the 340B and Pharmacy Management industry. Will you join our team?

Think Big. Move Forward.