Contract Pharmacy & Split-Billing

Our technology effectively operates 340B programs, increasing savings and maintaining compliance in healthcare settings. We equip covered entities with real-time access to financial and operational information to review and analyze for better data-driven decisions.

Access data around every transaction, report, and claim 24/7

Analyze report data allowing for more confident financial and clinical decisions

Automate 340B replenishment and minimize inventory

Leverage software built to work seamlessly with your program

Contract Pharmacy

Simplify the management of contract pharmacy partnerships by facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between covered entities and contract pharmacies. Nuvem streamlines the details—prescription capture, claims processing, and inventory management—enhancing overall operational productivity.


Identify and segregate 340B-eligible prescriptions to accurately capture appropriate discounts and ensure compliance with program regulations. Our state-of-the-art solution determines and splits purchasing accounts to remain 340B compliant. Nuvem seamlessly integrates with existing pharmacy systems, enabling real-time verification and adjudication of claims.

Reporting & Analytics

Dive deeper into analytics with speed, ease, and a dynamic, comprehensive view of your 340B program. Nuvem boasts Business Intelligence tools that translate complex numbers into in-depth insights, increasing data analysis efficiency and driving informed clinical and financial decisions.

Client Support

Nuvem offers unwavering support. We provide a dedicated account manager, contract pharmacy support, educational resources, expert recommendations, and a 24/7 ticketing system—powering continuous success and a strong partnership. Our accelerated implementation process is smooth, swift and efficient, involving requirement gathering, quality assurance, team training, program launch, and system validation.

Integrated Audit Module

We are always improving our technology with tools like the new Integrated Audit Module that allows organizations to conduct audits of their program like an expert, while adhering to HRSA guidelines, so clients can confidently monitor their program and maintain compliance.

Think Big. Move Forward.

Don’t Take Our Word for It… Take Theirs.

Nuvem delivers one comprehensive solution and streamlined experience for the industry’s best client and compliance support.

“If any Covered Entity is thinking about starting or growing their 340B program, I would highly recommend they begin with a call to the Nuvem team. Nuvems overall knowledge and technology platform will easily propel your program to be a significant & diversified portion of your overall revenue stream.“

“Nuvem has gone above our expectations as an administrator; we are extremly happy to have all the tools at our fingertips to keep us compliant. Nuvem has far exceeded our expectations. “