Advanced Referral Program

Our technology has the highest proven rate of identifying eligible 340B claims. While our referral coordinators provide personalized support, our cutting-edge software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific policies and procedures at both Covered Entity (CE) and contract pharmacy levels.

Apply relevant business rules before determining eligibility

Set individual referral policies and capture related claims

Leverage sophisticated algorithms to mine claims data

Upload details and documents to an online portal

Eligibility Verification

Automate the verification process for patients, providers, and medications. From comprehensive data analysis to sophisticated algorithms, Nuvem validates patient and prescription information against program requirements, minimizing the risk of ineligible claims and potential audit findings.

Identify Claims

Streamline the claims capture process with innovative tools and strategies that enhance overall program effectiveness. With Nuvem, you gain automated claim identification and real-time data analysis capabilities, enabling you to extract valuable insights from claim data and  compliance.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage referral technology to boost revenue and promote long-term growth. Nuvem’s 340B technology employs sophisticated algorithms that apply referral rules set by the CE and pharmacy and focus on analyzing specialty claims to increase savings.

Coordinator Support

Our dedicated team works diligently to close the loop on the referral process, ensuring seamless communication and follow-up. We achieve higher capture rates and compliance by maintaining an up-to-date portal with relevant documents and information, including providers notes.

Think Big. Move Forward.

Don’t Take Our Word for It… Take Theirs.

Nuvem delivers one comprehensive solution and streamlined experience for the industry’s best client and compliance support.

“Since the pandemic began, with the partnership of Nuvem, both our in-house pharmacy and contract pharmacies have grown to be 60% of total revenues. If not for this stable revenue base, we would have had to furlough staff and/or significantly reduce office hours.”

Chief Financial Officer

Community Health Center

“Your entire team has a wealth of experience matched with a caring heart and a fierce determination which has enabled you to accomplish so much and I thank you for sharing that well earned insight.”

Executive Director, Health Center

Brooklyn, NY