5 Things You Need to Know about Nuvem’s Contract Pharmacy Solution

November 21, 2022

Not thrilled with your current pharmacy partner? Whether you’re struggling with account management or IT capabilities, switching to Nuvem will get your success back on track. Nuvem’s industry-leading 340B and pharmacy solutions and services combine exceptional service with innovative technology, giving clients a one-stop shop to make complex program management easy.


You’ve probably heard that Nuvem’s solutions and services are game-changing, but don’t just take it from us! We spoke with Account Managers who work directly with clients daily, asking them to fill you in on the most important parts of the solution as both users and experts. Here’s what they said:

  1. Ease of use: Nuvem’s interface is incredibly user friendly. It doesn’t overload you with unnecessary information and is perfectly organized to help you navigate to exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Depth of data available on reports: For those who want a deep dive on their program performance or specific claim analysis, you can review nearly anything about your program through the available reports.
  3. Transparency: The program doesn’t try to hide anything as it relates to the financial impact that 340B has for a covered entity and the costs associated with running a 340B program.
  4. Virtual Inventory: Being able to track the precise timing for a prescription to be qualified, replenished, and reimbursed is useful for both the covered entity and from the pharmacy side. For contract pharmacies, having access to invoices to track 340B replenishment status makes the inventory tracking process much easier as they manage multiple sources of drug delivery.
  5. Customer service: Nuvem offers unwavering support. We provide a dedicated account manager, contract pharmacy support, educational resources, expert recommendations, and a 24/7 ticketing system—powering continuous success and a strong partnership. Our accelerated implementation process is smooth, swift and efficient, involving requirement gathering, quality assurance, team training, program launch, and system validation.

Our Account Managers understand the common issues users face when running their contract pharmacy with a different pharmacy partner. Switching to Nuvem can help you see better results in no time. Contact us today.

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Nuvem is one comprehensive solution and streamlined experience for the industry’s leading client and compliance support.

“Since the pandemic began, with the partnership of Nuvem, both our in-house pharmacy and contract pharmacies have grown to be 60% of total revenues. If not for this stable revenue base, we would have had to furlough staff and/or significantly reduce office hours.”

Chief Financial Officer

Community Health Center

“Your entire team has a wealth of experience matched with a caring heart and a fierce determination which has enabled you to accomplish so much and I thank you for sharing that well earned insight.”

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