Celebrating Healthcare Technology Week

May 17, 2022

May 15-22 is Healthcare Technology Management Week! This event provides awareness and appreciation for the integral work of professionals who maintain and manage the wide variety of technology found in healthcare delivery organizations.

Nuvem is proud to provide solutions and services that continually further this industry, administering resources to organizations that impact patients every single day.

Being at the forefront of innovative and industry-leading technology, how do we contribute?

  1. Our UDS reporting tool alleviates stress and subtracts hours clients would spend preparing the 340B section of the federally required report. We’ve thought through common issues regarding access to data, staff hours and inadequate 340B program management while also providing modernized features to make for a seamless user experience.
  2. Our industry-leading 340B contract pharmacy solution, combines exceptional service with innovative technology to give clients a one-stop shop and make complex program management easy. According to clients, our team’s overall knowledge and technology platform have easily propelled 340B programs to become significant portions of overall revenue. We take running a high-functioning contract pharmacy seriously by automating your 340B replenishment to minimize inventory swell and automatically verifying patients, providers and drug eligibility including proximity.
  3. We noticed consistent gaps in other split-billing solutions that complicated ease of use, data accuracy, crosswalk build and automation, implementation processes and replenishment needs. That’s why we worked directly with hospitals to create split-billing, a solution that alleviates these common issues. By combining our intuitive drug inventory system and split-billing solution, we ensure that administering the 340B Program in a hospital setting remains compliant, is uncomplicated and furnishes improved program management.
  4. When it comes to an end-to-end referral program with dedicated Referral Coordinators assigned to clients, the only possible outcomes are benefits to your program’s savings, functionality, and organization. Our Advanced Referral Program’s SMART technology identifies 340B referral claims, ensuring we get the correct referrals right away and can focus on prescriptions that are truly eligible referrals. Sophisticated algorithms are utilized to mine all claims data determining potentially eligible referrals, providing you lists of potentially eligible claims for our Referral Coordinators to work toward.
  5. Data security and integrity are also at the forefront of our software solutions, as we are SOC 2 certified and perform an annual HIPAA Assessment and Penetration Test. We employ data encryption, anti-virus and intrusion detection and abide by formal policies and procedures.

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Nuvem is one comprehensive solution and streamlined experience for the industry’s leading client and compliance support.

“Since the pandemic began, with the partnership of Nuvem, both our in-house pharmacy and contract pharmacies have grown to be 60% of total revenues. If not for this stable revenue base, we would have had to furlough staff and/or significantly reduce office hours.”

Chief Financial Officer

Community Health Center

“Your entire team has a wealth of experience matched with a caring heart and a fierce determination which has enabled you to accomplish so much and I thank you for sharing that well earned insight.”

Executive Director, Health Center

Brooklyn, NY