UDS Report Preparation is a Struggle: We are here to help!

March 9, 2022

Nuvem knows you’ve gone through the wringer recently to prepare and submit your annual UDS report, which takes valuable time away from serving your community. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Our industry-leading 340B UDS reporting tool alleviates stress and subtracts hours you would spend preparing the 340B section of the federally required report.

We’ve considered some commonly identified hurdles organizations face when completing 340B UDS reporting:

Access to Data

Many clients experience inaccessibility to timely reporting and data when attempting to submit their required 340B Program information on the UDS report. Our advanced reporting tool is fully accessible at any time to our clients, having the ability to run multiple time frame options and allowing clients to freely monitor and manage their program. This UDS reporting tool is available directly in our 340B technology solution, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Staff Hours

Collecting the required data to prepare a UDS report is time consuming and burdensome. Covered Entities can save invaluable time by easily accessing essential 340B sections Table 8A, Table 9D and a key to understanding the report. The report layout and export mimic the HRSA UDS Report for seamless data entry, cutting back unnecessary time and effort.

Inadequate 340B program management

Is your data often inaccurate or difficult to produce? Our 340B experts continue to carefully review all Program Assistance Letters (PAL) released by HRSA to ensure the data needed to complete current USD requirements are always up-to-date and provided. Dedicated Account Managers are trained and ready to assist you with questions during or after your reporting session, assisting your organization with training and education, technical support, program growth and optimization, client support and program management.

Enhanced features

Aside from solutions to widely experienced pains, the Nuvem UDS Reporting Tool contains even more modernized filters and features to make the user experience as seamless as possible:

Created directly using feedback from our clients, users can select by various time frames, allowing them to work outside of the HRSA reporting window in congruence with the 2018 Uniform Data System Modernization Initiative
Intuitive reporting changes pharmacy claims statuses as they change in real time. All activity in the selected date range is included whether the current pharmacy is active or inactive, which means there are no special permissions for configurations necessary.
Our report is fully optimized and takes only moments to produce. Once on the preview screen, it can be downloaded in several export formats.

Nuvem is dedicated to providing ongoing support to each and every client. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist your organization and help your 340B Program flourish with ease, contact our team today.

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